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Tejas Brokerage LLC Brokers

Jacky Evans Criado

800-700-4149 • 806-463-2144 • Fax: 806-463-3113


      Jacky joined the Tejas Brokerage LLC Team in 1999 as office manager, after working for a large meat packer in a similar position. Jacky quickly caught on to the ins and outs of the commodities industry. She learned all clearing house rules and conducts all daily settlements for the office. Of Tejas' brokers, she is typically the first to know of new developments in the ever changing rules and regulations that all Introducing Brokers must abide by. In addition, Jacky talks to almost every customer with an account at Tejas on a daily basis and routinely advises them on their position. Jacky decided to become a broker in 2009 and as well holds her current position as office manager. Anyone who knows Mrs. Criado knows that she is a woman with her eye on the ball here at Tejas and we attribute much of our success to her as well.

David Hales

800-700-4149 • 806-463-2144 • Fax: 806-463-3113


      Reared on a farm outside of Amarillo, in the Texas panhandle, David has been involved in agriculture since an early age. A Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University in Animal Science-Beef Cattle Production enhanced a practical working knowledge of farming and ranching. After a year's stint as a market analyst with Texas Cattle Feeder's Association, David worked for a publicly held cattle feeding operation for four years before jumping into the futures business in 1976.

      Initially moving to Chicago, David worked for Lincoln Commodities and wrote the cattle segment of their commodity letter. In 1978, David moved from Chicago to Dumas, Texas, opening a commodity office for REFCO, Inc. It was here that he started his own brand of analysis published as the Cactus Commodities Market Letter. In 1989, he started a new weekly market letter titled Hales Cattle Letter which is still being published today.

      Wage and price controls in the early 1970's, $80.00 cattle in 1979, 20%+ interest rates in the 1980's, and the stock market crash in 1987 were real life learning experiences for David, not text book studies for an MBA. Carcinogen scares, hoof and mouth disease, and BSE in 2003 were challenges that had to be overcome during the last 40 years of trading cattle futures. In June of 2005, David closed his Rosenthal Collins Group office and joined long time friend Tejas Brokerage LLC.

      Having been involved in all segments of the cattle and commodity business while living in Texas, Colorado, and Illinois, David developed a wide-ranging circle of contacts that has proved invaluable in gathering market information on a daily basis. Although he specializes primarily in the market analysis of fed cattle and cattle futures trading, he actively trades all agricultural and energy markets.

      For a complimentary two week trial for David's daily and weekly market letters click your mouse on the following link - http://www.halestradingco.com.

Tejas Brokerage LLC broker David Hales

Tom Schooler

800-700-4149 • 806-463-2144 • Fax: 806-463-3113


      Tom Schooler was born and raised in Amarillo, TX. Tom graduated from West Texas A&M University in 1996 with an Ag Business degree with emphasis in Farm and Ranch Management. Upon graduation, Tom pursued a career in the livestock transportation industry for 5 years before coming to work for Tejas Brokerage LLC in 2001. Tom's experience in trading outside feeder cattle has helped him to project what any stocker operator can accomplish in using risk management as a market tool. Tom is entering his 10th year at Tejas Brokerage LLC.

Chad Smith

800-700-4149 • 806-463-2144 • Fax: 806-463-3113


Cody Smith

800-700-4149 • 806-463-2144 • Fax: 806-463-3113


Alvin Fults

800-700-4149 • 806-463-2144 • Fax: 806-463-3113


      Alvin Fults was born in Dumas, TX on May 15, 1968. He grew up on the family ranch near Dumas which is approximately forty miles north of Amarillo, TX.. Alvin worked on the family ranch through his high school years and then went on to Panhandle State University to earn his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Marketing in 1991.

      In 1992, Alvin became an Associated Person with Dudding Commodities and RB&H.. In 2000, Alvin partnered with Mike Smith who was a customer of his at the time to form Tejas Brokerage LLC. Following Mike's transfer of his ownership interest in Tejas Brokerage LLC to his son, Cody in 2008, Alvin and Cody have continued to manage the day to day operations of Tejas Brokerage LLC.

      Over the past ten years, Tejas Brokerage LLC's business has grown to include ten brokers and 800 customer accounts. Alvin believes Tejas Brokerage LLC's business has grown at a healthy pace based on Alvin's philosophy, "I will not trade a position in a customer's account that I won't trade myself."

      In addition to his activities at Tejas Brokerage LLC, Alvin became a cattle feeder in 1998 and began acquiring land in 2003. He continues to build his cattle and land investments today. Alvin, his wife and two children reside in Amarillo, TX where they own and operate a full-time cutting horse breeding and training facility. Alvin enjoys competing in the National Cutting Horse Association and running his breeding business for the 2009 NCHA Horse of the Year, Metallic Cat.

3310 I-40 West - Suite 100 • Amarillo, Texas 79102
800-700-4149 • 806-463-2144 • Fax: 806-463-3113

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